Thursday, June 11, 2009

Technical Call in AXIS BANK


A look at what is un-folding in this stock. The stock had no real major profit taking till mid MAY since its rise from 280 on March 9, 2009. Given below are what will happen in both bullish and bearish situations.

Scenario 1
It will rise facing resistance 1st @ 775 2nd @ 820 before finally exhausting near 860 and then start correcting upto 660 / 575.

Scenario 2
A rise from here till 775-790 where a whole lot of distribution will take place before it once again start moving down. This rise could be a bait for those who felt they missed out on the superb rise the stock had from its lows and enter now. The stock can correct then down to 575 / 485.

So what should one do in this case?
  1. If long then trail with a stop loss of 695. If it moves towards 790-820 then raise your stop loss to 760.
  2. If not long then entering the stock here for short to medium term returns looks like a high risk factor as upside has too many resistances. It would be wise to wait for a decent correction to buy the stock for higher % returns.
This is not an advise to SHORT the stock, as the sell trigger is yet to set in, only thing that charts suggest are no fresh buying.


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